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Front runners Bayern rout Hoffenheim in Bundesliga******

BERLIN, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- Reigning champions Bayern Munich defended its one-point advantage atop the standings after whitewashing Hoffenheim 4-0 in the 9th round of Bundesliga on Saturday.

The "Bavarians" started powerful into the clash on home soil and created their first chance with two minutes played when Robert Lewandowski chipped the ball over goalkeeper Oliver Baumann but just wide of the far post.

The hosts thought they had opened the scoring in the 8th minute but Serge Gnabry's goal was disallowed by the referee due to a foregone foul play by Jamal Musiala.

Gnabry got his name on the scoreboards nonetheless in the 16th minute after the German international benefitted on Musiala's through ball to beat Baumann from tight angle.

Hoffenheim tried to find answers, but Bayern pressed and doubled its advantage at the half hour mark when Gnabry neutralized a Hoffenheim attack at his own box with a long pass to Lewandowski, who flicked the ball into the path of Thomas Muller, who shrugged off Chris Richards before assisting Lewandowski, whose long-rang hammer caught Baumann flat footed.

Baumann had his hands full of work as he had to be on guard to defuse a promising chance from Lewandowski in the closing stage of the first half.

After the restart, the hosts took their foot off the gas pedal and handed over control. Hoffenheim, however, lacked in ideas to threaten Bayern Munich's well-organized defence.

Hoffenheim enjoyed more possession but failed to turn its dominance into a tangible reward. Bayern then ruthlessly destroyed Hoffenheim's hopes of a comeback in the 82nd minute as substitute Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting capitalized on a miscued clearance and slotted home from close range.

The third goal took the wind out of the visitors sails meanwhile Bayern wasn't done with the scoring and made it 4-0 through Kingsley Coman, who made the most of Dayot Upamecano's deep through ball in the 87th minute.

"We are of course disappointed. We came here to front Bayern and to annoy them. We created a few chances but unfortunately didn't utilize them" said Hoffenheim defender David Raum.

With the win, Bayern Munich stay atop the standings. Hoffenheim suffered its fourth loss in the campaign and slump to the 10th place in the table.

Elsewhere, runners-up Borussia Dortmund remain on the heels of the German giants after beating Arminia Bielefeld 3-1 on the goals from Emre Can, Mats Hummels and Jude Bellingham.

In-form Freiburg move to the third place after snatching a 2-0 away victory over Wolfsburg to record the fifth win from nine games, and newly promoted Greuther Furth remain winless after losing 4-1 to Leipzig. Enditem



















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Canada lifts travel ban from African nations, reimposes testing******


People travel to the United States of America at Pearson International Airport during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto on December 3, 2021.。

Canada announced on Friday the lifting of a ban on foreign travelers from 10 African countries, while reimposing testing requirements and warning that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 risks quickly overwhelming hospitals.。

The travel restriction on flights from South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt will end at 11:59pm on Saturday (4:59am GMT on Sunday), Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told a news conference.。

The restriction had been announced last month "to slow the arrival of Omicron in Canada and buy us some time," he said. But with Omicron now spreading within Canada it is "no longer needed."

Pre-arrival negative PCR tests for all travelers would also be reinstated as of December 21, Duclos said, while repeating a government warning earlier this week that "now is not the time to travel."

Officials said laboratory tests have confirmed as of Friday nearly 350 cases of the Omicron variant across Canada.。

The total average daily COVID case count, meanwhile, has jumped by 45 percent in the past week to about 5,000.。

"It is expected the sheer number of (Omicron) cases could inundate the health system in a very short period of time," said Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam.。

Also on Friday, Ontario and British Columbia provinces reinstated limits on gatherings to 10 people through the Christmas holidays, following Quebec's lead a day earlier.。

Restaurants, gyms, shopping malls and other venues must also reduce crowd capacities by 50 percent.。

"Nothing will stop the spread of Omicron," Ontario Premier Doug Ford told a news conference. "It's just too transmissible."

"If we don't take every single precaution we can, the modelling tells a scary story," he added, echoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who earlier tweeted about "scary" record COVID numbers.。

百度、英伟达、京东和三一重工们的新结盟,Intelligence Plus 究竟是什么?******摘要


在过去的 70 年中,以阿兰·图灵、马文·明斯基和约翰·麦肯锡为代表的一批计算机科学家逐步奠定了人工智能主要的理论和技术基础,但到今天,人工智能又一刻开始发生外延,从实验室开始真正走向大众。

从 iPhone X 的 FaceID 到更理解你的智能音箱,从自动驾驶汽车的不断落地到波士顿动力机器人推陈出新,再到无人零售等新的商业形态的涌现,2017 年人工智能正在全面「2C」化。

每当「新技术」与「传统行业」发生融合的时候,总会遇到一些「不适感」,商业难以落地,市场缺乏感知度,甚至是难以找到产业深处的痛点。于是今年 GeekPrak IF 2018 大会上有了非常特殊的一组对话。

「我们最近推出了一款新的挖掘机,通过 VR 技术控制。戴上眼镜以后,哪怕是在另外一个半球来控制挖机都可以操作,定位可以达到厘米级,用差分 GPS 可以定位到厘米级,非常精确地控制。」三一集团副总经理陆犇说,「但是这只是我们一个新的尝试,还远远不够,科技的发展在日新月异,有很多这样的机会,我们在寻找。」

除了传统企业有这样的感受和行动,作为互联网企业,京东云副总裁刘子豪说,「京东在 2017 年开始的时候,刘强东刘总说,京东集团过去 13 年清零,未来我们专注三件事情,技术、技术、技术。」「京东也提出一个概念叫「无界零售」,我们认为,我们所处的行业,我们的零售没有新旧之分,像生意许多新生意和旧生意之分,但是在不同的历史阶段,它的边界在不断地被重新定义,我们也在寻找新的『边界』。」

作为 AI 技术的创业者,码隆科技联合创始人兼 CEO 黄鼎隆也坦言,「创业公司其实到现在基本上 3 年、4 年,在各自的技术领域都有一些积累,可是都面临现在最重要的问题,是让智能可以深入到产业,因为如果单单是技术,其实并没有价值,技术一定要跟产业结合,产生价值。归结为一个单纯的问题,就是要 Make  it  work。」


正是应对这样的问题,2018 年 1 月 21 日的极客公园创新大会上,极客公园创始人及总裁张鹏与将门联合创始人&CEO 高欣欣共同发布「Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟」。

「Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟」在推动「智能」的技术能力真正能够走到产业深处,帮助供需双方更好地定义问题、解决问题、释放商业价值;与此同时,帮助企业提升在技术品牌方面的市场感知度。

「集结智能时代里影响和推动改变的力量,让「智能」真正走到产业深处。」是「Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟」的愿景所在。

「我们在一开始就集结了非常多跟我们有共同的愿景,全力以赴在为科技落地产业而努力的企业伙伴,希望在座的更多伙伴们能够加入我们,在我们创始的伙伴里面,不仅包括了深耕产业的产业巨头,还包括在互联网里面的行业领袖和新生的 AI 英雄们。」将门联合创始人& CEO 高欣欣说。

目前「Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟」已经聚集了 19 家包括产业巨头,行业领袖,新兴力量等在内的创始成员企业:百度、英伟达、京东、京东云、三一重工、SAP、搜狗、地平线、第四范式、格灵深瞳、禾赛科技、码隆科技、杉数科技、商汤科技、深鉴科技、图森未来、小鹏汽车、依图科技、驭势科技、竹间智能。

未来,将组织的行业从业者参与深度话题讨论,来自智能+联盟成员企业高管宣讲行业话题,促进技术与商业相互理解;每季度,一场商业合作方向探讨与可能性挖掘,组织以「问题导向」的 10 人以内小规模闭门交流;每年,打造一场智能+生态顶级会议,放大聚合之力。


「Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟」要创造什么价值?







作为 AI 技术的创业者,码隆科技联合创始人兼 CEO 黄鼎隆更是希望「Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟」可以加速行业间的交流,「AI 的技术演进,真的可以说是让人瞠目结舌,我们身处这个行业,感受就是技术的边界往前推的太快了,拿自己为例,我们现在对一个商品的识别能力,如果回到一年前,我会觉得那是骗人的,一年过去了,却真的达到了这样的程度。技术进步的太快,我们需要保持更多的交流。」

(码隆科技联合创始人兼 CEO 黄鼎隆)

「把 AI 用好,同时专注价值,任何商业的本质不离开我们要给我们的客户创造出真正的价值,一句话,All  in  AI,专注价值。」京东云副总裁刘子豪补充说。


Intelligence Plus 智能产业联盟百度京东英伟达京东云

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